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We provide professional coaching and leadership development to individuals, teams, and businesses. As our client you can expect a powerful listening for what is important to you, professionalism, and confidentiality.

What is Coaching?
Life Performance Coaching


We will coach you on the creation of projects that will move your life forward. Projects can be related to career, relationships (family/friends/colleagues), health, fitness, finance, and any other area of your life in which you are looking for a breakthrough. While working on those projects in the foreground, in the background we are at work creating new ways of being that will empower you with the circumstances and relationships in your life.



- One 60 minute session per week with the ability to contact your coach between sessions for brief coaching input.

- For those months that have five weeks, we will choose one of the weeks to be a "coaching vacation" and allow space for you to recharge.

- At the end of each session, we will have a discussion to let you choose practices to take on until the next session. These practices are designed to move your projects forward. 

- It is recommended that clients choose to take on a coaching engagement for a minimum of four months.


Businesses and Teams
Teams Businesses
Businesses and Teams


We work with the leaders of your organization to create a common vision and set of goals for any particular project and then coach them through the execution of these goals. This approach is effective for goals within one business line or across multiple business lines. 


What distinguishes JAZOU from typical approaches? While working on your projects, we start unraveling and distinguishing what's happening in the background of decision making and day-to-day activities that impact the achievement of project goals. We help individual team members re-create their commitment to goals and choose effective ways to be of service to the team and the organization. 



We collaborate with your organizations top leaders to determine the scope and the approach of your project. From there, our professionals make recommendations for an effective implementation including the kickoff, communication strategy, accountability, meeting structure, and logistics. We are prepared to help your leaders achieve their goals.

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