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See what people are saying about Jazou and our coaches!

City Worker

"Working with Zach as my coach helped me in analyzing the context that my actions happened inside of, and creating new contexts that empowered me. This was followed up with creating practices to take on that supported me in moving forward what I was committed to. The most powerful result I created in working with him was that my confidence has burgeoned like a weed and that I have taken action and created significant movement with my fitness goals and with the coaching tools that we have used. Working with Zach gave me access to being my best self."

Rashida Hutchinson - Young Professional

"When the idea of life coaching was introduced to me I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. I have had experience working with a therapist and counselor in the past so I did not see much value in life coaching because I did not truly understand what it entailed. I also felt that I constantly put emphasis on working towards self development in my own time so did not see what I could possible get out of these sessions. Zach empowered me with a choice to explore and see if I wanted to continue after the first session. I did not feel any pressure to commit and came to trust his sense of integrity after having a small chat with him. The workability and empowering speech I saw he exemplified in his life gave me a plethora of trust to embark on a journey of life coaching with him."

After I had a better sense of what this was all about during our initial session I was willing to give it a shot. I found after a few sessions with Zachary that I was being guided into some pivotal revelations in areas that I had not explored as deeply as I had thought. I drew conclusions, created new practices for myself to further my discoveries, and developed tools to put my goals into motion. When the duration of my coaching sessions came to end I had developed a new context that empowered me to live as a greater individual I had not allowed myself to become and embrace in the past. I am very pleased with the knowledge I have gained about myself and how I relate to the world through coaching with Zach and strongly suggest it to those who are committed to creating more success in their lives.

Real Estate Agent

"When I was first introduced to the world of life coaching, I was very hesitant and had my guard up. I decided to give life coaching a chance and Zach really broke through to me. After working with him over the past few months, I have learned to approach life and situations in different ways. He really opened up my mind and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to open up their world and become a better version of themselves."

Business Professional

"My time with Juliana was incredibly enlightening. I think what she is doing is very valuable and I am grateful she took the time to meet with me. Out of working with her there were several things that stood out for me as being particularly valuable. I think the opening of our conversation where she pushed me to look beyond the barriers to what I want was great. Difficult, but great. And I think that was the idea: recognize the feeling of satisfaction from seeing your goals and envisioning them accomplished. I also appreciated the visualization of fear, self defense, my comfort zone, and the different perspective it provided me in terms of approaching my day. The essence exercise is something I very much enjoyed, and clearly saw immediate and longer term benefits to digging deeper along that vein. By capturing the properties of my character that are most identified by my friends, and the subset of traits within there that I am most proud of, I can better highlight those traits with potential employers, build my confidence, and use them as effective tools in my life."

Business Professional

"My first session with Juliana was a wonderful first step toward better understanding of self and life practices. It was very surreal to acknowledge truth in my life. Juliana possess a real strength, a "Gift" for transforming individuals and broadening personal realization. It's like going from riding the waves to seeing the full ocean. I was very moved by the Essence discussion, and thankful that Juliana facilitated it so eloquently. THANK YOU doesn't seem like enough."


“Juliana’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me achieve my career goals. Throughout the coaching experience, she was extremely professional and demonstrated a sincere desire to help me achieve my goals. She helped me to see new perspectives I did not previously consider and make concrete steps to achieve my goals. I was struggling to prepare for a series of difficult tests and Juliana’s coaching helped me to create actionable goals to help me pass. As a result, I am almost complete with these tests and have Juliana to thank for it. I would highly recommend anyone to go through a similar coaching session with Juliana. ”

Finance Manager

“I really enjoyed and benefited from my executive coaching relationship with Juliana.  She was extremely organized and did a great job with explaining the benefits and concepts around executive coaching.  Over the time period I received coaching from Juliana, I was able to learn a lot about myself personally and professionally.  With her guidance I was able to create professional and personal goals for myself and action plans to help hold me accountable for following up on the goals.  At the conclusion of the standard term of our coaching term I’d achieved a few of the short-term goals I set for myself and had the motivation and a tactical plan to address the long term goals.  Those are accomplishments that I previously would not have been able to manage on my own.  Juliana’s patience and guidance was very helpful! I especially appreciate her giving me the opportunity to “lead” the relationship and freely express my ideas, so I was able to truly be coached.”

Business Professional

"My experience with Juliana has been transformational to say the least. She has guided me in a way that is non-judgemental, exploratory and challenging. I've learned that some of the difficult patterns in my life have been a result of thought patterns about myself and the 'context' through which I see the world. Being able to break free from these habitual behaviors has opened up a totally new world for me. My world is now full of personal and professional possibilities I could have never imagined for myself before I started the coaching work. 


I cannot recommend Juliana enough. She is intelligent, thoughtful, kind, brave, and incredibly perceptive. Working with her has truly changed my life and I will always be grateful that my life crossed paths with Juliana's."

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